Our Services

Our approach to every retail store is to elevate sales, increase functionality and add value to a store. We don’t just build a store we provide Retail Design Strategy, Visual Merchandising and Research Theory. Retail Design Strategy is a combination of interior designing, brand management and signage essentials. The idea behind this service is to design the space so customers spend more time in your retail space. Every brand carries an individual signature and we take it upon ourselves to understand what abstract concepts the retailer would want to be associated with their brand. Lastly signage is the leading way for customers to identify your brand we take care of this need fully understanding the responsibility. The combination of the above strategy is what sets us apart, we are fully equipped to be your retail solution.

Research Theory is standard practice with us before we begin creating a store that blends style, efficiency and budget. At TCK Retail Solutions our team's focus is on what retailers and customers require. We understand that the goal is to increase the number of visitors into their store.
We provide the following to our clients:
A space your customers feel valued in ensuring recurring visits.
A retail experience that matters to customers who will in turn use the most effective form of marketing for you (word of mouth).
A space that facilitates a positive customer experience.
Incorporating relevant and customised retail aids that showcase your products and services.
A space that showcases a product or service of any value in the best possible way.

Visual Merchandising is an effort of both marketing, display placement and buyer conversion. By identifying the following aspects of merchandising such as colour, landscaping, texture, communication and the finishing touches we:

  • Give customers the feeling that the retailer is communicating with them on a conscious level.
  • Capture customer attention and highlight items.
  • Emphasizes the atmosphere that the store has.
  • Enhance your brand