TCK Retail Solutions Alilac Center Design Feature in DRC

Store Name: Alilac Center

Location: Democratic Republic of Congo,

Store Size: 340 sqm

Designer: Madré Jacobs

Estimated Installation Date: March 2023

Design Brief: There is a very competitive retail design market in the DRC, the owner’s brief to us was that he was looking for a design that is different, better, fresh, new and modern that will set his store apart from his competitors. This is a prime example of what we do at TCK – Concept Design – Manufacture – Installation

Shopfitter-retail store-design -Shopfitting Solutions -Johannesburg-Durban-Cape Town-Botswana-Zimbabwe-zambia-pretoria-min

Design Challenges: The biggest challenge working on this design was the pillars which were placed in random places throughout the store. Space planning was also crucial, we wanted the store to feel spacious even when filled to capacity.

Successful Design Choices: We did not want to see the pillars as a problem. We chose to work with, and not against them. So instead of hiding the pillars we utilised them: more especially for shelving. As a result, the shelving placed in between some pillars is better accessible to pack stock in. The boxed shelving around a pillar (close to checkout counters in the middle of the store) was an innovative solution to add even more shelving. This pillar created more visual merchandising space in a high-traffic area of the store.

Shopfitter- retail-store-design-Shopfitting Solutions -Johannesburg-Durban-Cape Town-Botswana-Zimbabwe-zambia-pretoria-DRC-congo-min

Design Tip for store owners:

  1. Use arbitrary areas and features in your store as an opportunity to create visual merchandising experiences.
  2. Work with your space and not against it. Don’t work hard to hide things like pillars and odd spaces. Most of TCKs custom display units can be made to fit in or around those spaces and objects. At TCK we do everything from: the first concept design, space planning, new products, visual merchandising, manufacturing of all products, delivery (even in another country) and installation.
  3. The addition of bright bold features to a bulkhead can anchor a store with very high volume. It creates warmth instead of a void in the top half of the store.

Current Design Trends to look out for: Our inspiration for this design was the beautiful Moroccan style tile – it is very trendy! We love the colours and geometric shapes within the tile and that’s how our team envisioned the bulkheads. The bulkheads are definitely the highlight of this design: modern, trendy and funky.